My daughter announced today that she's making a 3,000-page book. The word count will be light but it will have scads of pictures. She's five years old. She asked me to contribute a drawing. When I complied, she added finishing touches. And then she marked off three more pages. "I'm doing four pages a day," she said, placing her palm firmly over the rest of her notebook. "Why four?" I asked. "Because that's just enough," she said. "You're right," I said. "When will it be done?"  "Soon," she said. 

I don't doubt her for a moment.

If you're writing a 300-page book, try my daughter's method and write four pages a day. You'll have a complete draft in 75 days. Even if your goal is one page per day, stick to it, and you will have your draft in less than a year.

One more thing--my daughter will tell you her book won't be perfect. "We don't want perfect," she says. "We want joyful!" 

She's very wise.

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