Relationship, narrative, reciprocity, and David Abram

If you accept that story lives in relationships, in the push-pull of people with each other, within themselves, with their environment, then read David Abram's mesmerizing and brilliant book, THE SPELL OF THE SENSUOUS. 

"Late one evening I stepped out of my little hut in the rice paddies of eastern Bali and found myself falling through space. Over my head the black sky was rippling with stars, densely clustered in some regions, almost blocking out the darkness between them, and more loosely scattered in other areas, pulsing and beckoning to each other. Behind them all streamed the great river of light with its several tributaries. Yet the Milky Way churned beneath me as well, for my hut was set in the middle of a large patchwork of rice paddies, separated from each other by narrow two-foot-high dikes, and those paddies were all filled with water."  David Abram

Get your hands on this book and read on...

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