December's Writing Child...and more

More musings as the Solstice draws near...

9) Know that Creatives need company, we need our creative community, those who will support us on our journey.

10) Understand that books are written in drafts, often three.

11) Embrace the mess of your first draft. This is special, this is the mud and mess of first creation.

12) Invite your constructive critic to join the writing/revising process only after you have completed your messy first draft.

13) Understand that your book may take one year or more to complete.

14) Build a strong foundation to support you so you can write without becoming desperate to sell.

15) Resist the temptation to query agents before your book (or book proposal) is complete.

16) Resist the temptation to query agents before your completed book is professionally edited and polished.

17) If your life is full of many demands, be sure to schedule your writing time just as you would any other first priority appointment.

18) If you are a lonely writer, schedule time to leave your desk to spend time with people, animals, nature.

19) Remember that if you are writing and keeping to your basic schedule, fallow time is not time wasted, it is vital to a healthy process.

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