December's Writing Child...more

More miscellaneous, so-not profound musings on writing:

4) If you are constantly doubting your work, ask yourself if you trust your own creative process. If the answer is anything but yes, add "TRUST" to your daily mantra.

5) You need a safe--some call it sacred--space to write, where you are free from interruptions and intrusion. That safe place might be your office, your car, the nearest library or cafe. If you write on a computer, you need to know others will not be reading your stories before you are ready to share.

6) You need psychic privacy to write--a sense of privacy protected by strong internal boundaries. Your internal protected place will help you maintain a healthy relationship with all aspects of your creativity.

7) Life and writing will be much more fun if you can recognize the difference between your healthy inner editor and your inner gremlins and saboteurs.

8) Your gremlins and saboteurs have important messages to impart, but never mistake their negative advertising slam campaigns for their deepest messages. Recognize these negative ads? "You will never write!" "You have the talent of a flea!" "Your prose is shit!" "You wouldn't know a story idea if it slapped you in the face!" "If you do by some miracle stumble upon an idea, you will never ever follow through!" The deepest messages behind this brutal ad campaign probably go something like this: "It is scary to write something other people can read!" "What if I write a book and it doesn't live up to my expectations?" "What if everybody doesn't love what I create?" "How will I deal with exposure?" "What if I expose the people I love to criticism?"

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