New Year's musings for 2009

Some final thoughts on writing for this year:

20) Get plenty of exercise. Drink lots of water. Don't get lost on social networking sites.

22) Understand that as a creative person, you will experience some anxiety, its part of the creative process.

23) Learn the difference between some anxiety and crippling anxiety; seek help for the latter.

24) When anxiety shivers through you, open to your curiosity and let it guide you forward.

25) Creative people are curious people; follow your curiosity the way a dog follows its nose.

26) If you have never written a book, know that its creation is not to be taken lightly.

27) Commit to a writer's life and begin the journey knowing you will encounter many challenges.

28) Know that facing your fears and meeting challenges are part of the journey--this is how you will grow stronger and smarter and more skilled.

29) Seek guidance--take classes and learn from friends and teachers who have mastered their craft.

30) Laugh whenever possible. Have fun!

31) During those moments when you feel alone and lost, reach out. Writing is about relationships--in life and on the page.

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