Shunning the Muse

I'm writing on a deadline these days and, consequently, I'm short on time to blog. However, I do have time to share some of my favorite quotes from incredible writers, editors, and teachers. This one from A Writer's Time by Kenneth Atchity:

"I haven't mentioned the Muse, the mythic word for "inspiration." She is the last person you want to depend on. Professional writers generally speak of her with a mixture of affection and tolerance: Discipline, not the Muse, results in productivity. If you write only when she beckons, your writing is not yours at all. If you write according to your own schedule, she'll shun you at first, but eventually she won't be able to stay away from your workshop. If you deny her urgings, she will adopt your discipline. Nothing attracts her more than a writer at work on a steady schedule. She'll come around. In other words, you become your own Muse, just as you make the clock of life your clock."

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