Writing in Time...

Having lost myself in time--for months at a time--I am sharing words of wisdom from Kenneth Atchity and his book, A WRITER'S TIME.

"Like everything else in life, the process of revising your view of time begins with a decision. It's a matter of willing to change your life by starting today to manage your time and understand its relationship to work and personal satisfaction.
Here are some starting points, gleaned from my own experience and that of some other time-management experts:
*Stop doing things no one needs to do.
*Stop doing things someone else will do if you stop doing them.
*Stop doing things that aren't the kind only you can do.
*Recognize the difference between activities only time can do and those you can actually do something about. Start the former--like popping in the toast or putting the water on to boil--on their tracks, and move on to the latter. Don't waste time trying to change physical laws.
*Start doing the things you want to do, the things only YOU can do.
*Start acting instead of reacting.

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