This November, National Novel Writing Month, offers the perfect opportunity to test out a new idea for a novel. After all, you can benefit from the energy of thousands of other writers. Just knowing so many people are sitting down to write every day can give you juice.

If you decide to jump in, I suggest you make it fun. If you've been laboring on a novel for months or years (and it's not flowing to completion), try setting it aside and working with a fresh idea, character, concept. You've got nothing to lose and you might discover new things about your creative process.

If you commit to working on a fast, lean first draft, even if you don't make it to the final page by November 30th, you can still get a jump-start on your first, second, or third book.

Look to my previous posts for some ideas for working with your basic story equation. And sharpen your pencils because November is almost here.

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