I am just back from straddling two worlds--the fictional realm and what appears to be daily reality. I met a major book deadline on Tuesday. Today is Sunday. I still find myself inhabiting an altered state as I come down from the writer's most seductive high--total immersion in a 'living' creative work--and a fiercely demanding and exhausting work schedule.

Over the years, I've met my share of deadlines for 5 other published novels and many published nonfiction books. This time, over the course of the project, I thought a lot about pacing, psyching up, intervals, training, recovery--terms often used in sports conditioning and sports psychology.

I've discovered some news ways to maintain stamina and flow, and to avoid "hitting the wall"--either physically or mentally. Bottom line, it is a lot more fun when we--as creatives on deadline--can use our own rhythms, moods, emotions, mental and physical tendencies to our advantage.

Wishing you creative flow~