Snippets from a letter to a creative friend:

I understand your desire to actualize your best writing.  You know what?  I want to actualize my best writing, too.  Getting published is really irrelevant when it comes to the issue of always trying to do our best storytelling--to let our characters live honestly and fully on the page, and to do their stories justice.  

It is a conundrum, my friend, that desire to be the best we can be creatively. We can only do the best we can do at any given time. We can only aim for emotional truth. It is a pain in the ass to accept that maybe, just maybe, it will never feel as if we've reached our zenith.  We are never in control.  Yes, we can have a fair amount of control over our craft, but the tricky part about creativity is 'letting go'.  We have to give it up, just as our characters must surrender in the end--to paraphrase the Stones--they can't ever get what they want, but if they try try try, they will get what they need.   Best, Sarah