#NaNoWriMo2015--Get to the Heart of Your Story (writing tip #6)

Action is vital in fiction. But the action must fit the story. If you are writing a gentle love story you will probably not include car chases and IEDs. However you might include a hero who obsesses over a "potential" or "lost" love to the point of stalking. "Really, I was just picking up my dry-cleaning and can I help it if you work next door?"

Details are also a vital part of bringing a fictional world and its inhabitants to life--however a wise writer chooses dynamic details, meaning those details that reveal something about the inner and outer life of a particular character. If you've ever seen the funny and sweet film WONDER BOYS (based on the delightful second novel by award-winning author Michael Chabon), you will remember the scene in which the earnest and sexy student Hannah Green (played by Katie Holmes) reminds her favorite professor (middle-aged Michael Douglas playing a former "wonder boy--author Grady Tripp--desperate to finish and at the same time avoid finishing his second novel) that writers must pick and choose their details--this in reference to the static, pages-long lineage of a racehorse he has included in his immense unfinished second tome.

So, today, TGIF, here's to including fitting action and dynamic details in your latest novel!  Happy writing~Sarah

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