That crazy writer...

When you are writing a book, you must learn to listen very closely for what editor Tom Jenks calls the heartbeat of the story. Sometimes you may confuse your own heartbeat with the narrative heartbeat.

If you allow your emotional highs and lows to push you around--they may also end up pushing around your prose. Your anxiety, exhaustion, or mania may show up on the page.

It's not that you shouldn't use your own experience to connect with characters--you should. Your fears and the fears of your protagonist are the same when it comes to their deepest nature. Your shared fears equal one of the most profound ways to connect you and your characters.

But also take care of yourself, rest, eat well (eat chocolate), exercise, and enjoy time with friends and family.

Sometimes, the writing life can make you a little bit crazy, but that's not the same as being that crazy writer.


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