The Worth of Cringeworthy According to Louis C.K.

Comedian, writer, producer, actor, actor, Louis C.K. on Charlie Rose talking “cringeworthy.”

L C.K.: Cringeworthy…a cringe is a…it’s repelling away from something, “Ehh, I don’t want to think about that.” To me, it’s fun to take a deep breath, which is the opposite of a cringe…and walk in and see what’s in there. There’s all kinds of stuff in there.

CR: That’s exactly, that’s the essence of you.

L C.K.: I think so. 

CR: It really is.

L C.K.: Look if you can take people, take a whole zone of their thinking that they’re scared of, and you can make them take a breath and go in there and then have a good time, I think that’s positive. 

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